Problem of unconfirmed Mavro.


Dear participants!

Unfortunately, the problem of unconfirmed Mavro has not been solved yet. (Much more participants want to provide help than take their money out of the System:-))
In this connection, we strongly recommend all the participants to open Bitcoin wallets and make a new “Provide Help” request in Bitcoin (cancel your old request for bank transaction and make a new one for Bitcoin). Through Bitcoin, you will receive  orders soonest, thus after the orders has been paid you will immediately get your Mavro confirmed. And you will be able to receive your money with all the interest accrued.

It is very easy to open a Bitcoin wallet. Here are the instructions

We hope for your understanding.


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News Digest - 12/02/2018


Welcome dear friends! :-)) We wish you a positive mood and want to share with you the events of the last week.

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We are more than 250 millions!


Dear friends! We are informing you about a significant event for all of us: in these past few days, the number of MMM members exceeded 250 million people worldwide which makes a quarter of a billion and one thirtieth of the the entire planet’s population!

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Techniques for improving productivity of a day


Effective work is one of elements of success. However, not everyone knows how to bring their own productivity to a high level. In the article you will find recommendations on how to do that.

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Cryptocurrency hedge fund investment amounted to $2 billions


The cryptocurrency market keeps to evolve and attract more and more investors. The current year shows significant growth of investment in the cryptocurrency hedge funds on the part of institutional investors. Details are in the article. 

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